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We help startups & organisations unleash their true potential with cloud-based, real-time accounts and payments solutions. Our Payments-as-a-Service platform has everything you need to build your own payments products.

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Dunia helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world


Your information is encrypted and all our products are built with security and privacy in mind.


Safeguarded, feature-rich accounts, transactions flows managements, mobile app, etc.


Onboard your retail and business customers smoothly and securely with our digital KYC services.

Payment Rails

Dunia supports Mobile Money, Bank Transfers, USSD, Peer-to-Peer payments and more.

Digital Assets

Our digital asset platform combines a crypto-custody solution with digital payments services.


Rewards management and multi channel support services.

Powering the crypto economy

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Experience the best of digital payments in Africa using Dunia.